The HermesWirelessChipset made by Agere is one of the most common 802.11b WirelessChipsets available today. The names of companies associated with this chipset can get confusing, originally it was owned by Lucent Technologies (a division of Bell Labs) who also sold the very popular Orinoco Wireless Cards (which used the HermesWirelessChipset). These days the HermesWirelessChipset is owned and manufactured by Agere while the Orinoco cards are sold by Proxim (still using the HermesWirelessChipset however).

Hermes Chipset Versions

Recently there has been talk of a Hermes2 chipset that also contains support for 802.11g, however almost every card that you encounter currently with a Hermes chipset is likely to be the original 802.11b Hermes chipset.

Linux Drivers

Hermes Chipsets have great linux support any of the following drivers will work

  • Orinoco
  • HostAP
  • Linux-Wlan-Ng