An Acronym for High Definition Television.

HDTV is from what i can tell from a few hours of surfing the net, a VGA signal, but at screwed up* refresh and resolution

NOTE - I am in the process of trying the below, i havent done it, im just processing information i find on various websites and trying to put it all in one place for people to use.

  • screwed up meaning here, not a VGA resolution or timing you would generally see on a PC

there is lots of information, the most useful listed below

How to use powerstrip to make you PC output friendly HDTV signal

It has listed a lot of settings you may need to set your computer to connect it using HDTV to your TV.

also check out

a ready made xconfig file for an nvidia svideo output is available at

this will let you do 960x540p or 1920x540p i gather to change the overscan settings to adjust the borders on the display you can adjust the timings in very small increments