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 Actually, [TheGIMP] is rather easy to use if you know how to use PhotoShop. Some people will tell you that it is simply a PhotoShop clone - this is simply not true, and while the clone accusation is the first anti [GIMP] slander you're likely to hear, the next is bound to attack the UI because it doesn't behave exactly like PhotoShop. (I guess that's logic for you.) 
 Oh, and if you're some poor soul who uses a pirated copy of PhotoShop via [Wine] on [Linux] purely because you didn't like [TheGIMP] 1.2, you should really go and try one of the current development snapshots - in it's default state it's got a slew of "enhancements" which should make you feel more at home. 
+Oh, and if you really want "scalable vector graphics",  
+you might want to try out  
+Inkscape ( ).