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  ${IP} link set ${NAME} down 
  ${IP} tunnel del ${NAME} 
+!For Cisco Routers  
+This sample config is done with a Cisco 2514 router. In this example the outside interface (internet side) is Ethernet 1, and LAN interface is Ethernet 0.  
+__router#__config t%%%  
+__router(config)#__interface tunnel 0%%%  
+__router(config-if)#__ip address ''<<>> <<subnet mask>>''%%%  
+__router(config-if)#__tunnel source ethernet 1 (or ''<<ip.of.this.end>>'')%%%  
+__router(config-if)#__tunnel destination ''<<ip.of.other.end>>''%%%  
+__router(config)__#ip route tunnel 0%%%  
+To verify the VPN is working  
+*show ip int tunnel0  
+*show ip route  
+*ping ''<<>>''  
+Other considerations  
+*MTU size may need to be adjusted due to the increased overall length of the ethernet frame  
+*The VPN is not secure until the crypto maps have been applied  
+*Don't forget about your ACLs (if you have any), you can add this ACE  
+access-list ''<<extended IP ACL>>'' permit gre host ''<<ip.of.other.end>>'' host ''<<ip.of.this.end>>''