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-See: _Privacy _Guard  
+An [Acronym] for __G__nu __P__rivacy __G__uard.  
-See also 
+[GNU]'s [GPL] re-implementation of [PGP], initiated after the original went commercial and closed source. The package is called <tt>gnupg</tt> but the binary executable program is called gpg(1). It is widely used in OpenSource infrastructure for signing software [Package]s, such as [Deb]s and [RPM]s. Also widely used for signing and encrypting [Email].  
+! See also:  
+* WhySignEmail  
 * [GPG/PGPNotes] 
 * [OpenPGP] 
 * [OpenPGPConcept]s 
 * KeyServer 
 * PublicKey 
 * [Cryptography] 
+* GpgAgentNotes  
+* WikiPedia:GNU_Privacy_Guard  
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