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-!Stands for Gigabit Interface Converters %%% 
+[Acronym] for __G__iga__B__it __I__nterface __C__onverters %%% 
 Used throughout Cisco's Product range to provide versitility amoungst their Gigabit uplinks. 
 Cisco offers a range of Gigabit Interface Converters (GBICs) and Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) for Gigabit Ethernet use. These small, modular optical interface transceivers offer a convenient and cost effective solution for the adoption of Gigabit Ethernet in data center, campus, metropolitan area access and ring networks, and storage area networks. 
 Have a look at [Cisco's GBIC Range|] 
+In english:  
+There are two physical layers for running Gigabit Ethernet, you can run it over Cat5e (which is cheap), or you can run it over fiber (which can be a lot longer, is electrically inert, etc). However because fiber is so expensive, if you brought a switch with lots of fiber ports and wanted to use cat5e you'll end up shelling out a lot of money you don't need to. So instead Cisco made the ethernet physical layer a pluggable component called a "GBIC", so you can choose which type of fiber you want to put in any individual port. This idea was last seen as [AUI] when people were doing exactly the same thing, for the same reasons with 10mbit ethernet, except it was Coax/ThinNet/ThickNet.  
 Also Look at [SFP]