Notes and tips about f-spot photo managment software.

Getting photos printed in New Zealand


Has a fancy uploader that only works on windows. The alternative web form uploader appears to require browsing for each individual photo which is a real PITA.

However, the trick here is that the uploader accepts zip files containing multiple photos, and f-spot has a plugin that allows export to a zip file.

  • Ensure the plugin is installed; Menu: Edit/Manage Extensions, check or install "Zip export" extension.
  • Select the images you want to upload, then Menu: Photo/Export to -> Compressed file
  • Upload the created file using the web upload form
  • Use online photo album as normal

AFAIK there is no published API for snapfish that would allow a direct plugin to be written for f-spot (a-la picasa, flickr etc)

Any others?

Please add them here.