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-FreshRpms is a third party packages site for RedHatLinux.  
+FreshRpms is a third party packages site for RedHatLinux and FedoraCore  
 Unlike [Fedora], which is a group operation, FreshRpms is maintained by one person, Matthias Saou, a half-French half-Canadian man living in Spain. However a whole community of users, testers and contributors has grown around the website and its packages. 
 __''Matthias's philosophy'':__ 
 ;: I'm a free software believer, and I enjoy giving back to the community that gives me so much. I consider as my modest contribution, by helping Red Hat Linux users get easy access to high quality add-on packages of neat software not included in the main distribution. The packages themselves are focused on quality, and not quantity. This means that you won't find every software you can think of here, but what you will find should blend into Red Hat Linux as if it was part of the original distribution. 
-See, or jump straight in at the [Red Hat 9 packages|http://shrike]  
+Go to to see all the packages , or check out to see how you can install packages using [Yum] or [apt |AptForRpm]  
+These are some good files to look at if you already have Apt or Yum installed and are wanting to add FreshRpms to your list:  
+* http://freshrpms .net/packages/builds/apt/sources.list.i386  
+* http://