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 Most of the EPG sites and latest.xml offerings on the internet have *gone*<br> 
 Including that freeware windows-only (mono!) one mentioned in FreeViewMythTvSetup. They ask a "donation" now and the demonstration version don't work no more.<br> 
 I eventually found a [forum thread|] which lead me to<br> 
+(This script is currently broken but only requires a minor change. On line 27 under sources replace with<br>  
 Download it, put it in a system path and run mythtv-setup. "3. Video Sources" option will let you pick this script as your grabber. When selected as your grabber it has to be configured in the terminal that started mythbackendsetup, so I hope you ran it from a terminal! (mythbuntu spawns a terminal using a tiny font and runs the setup from that; so you're okay). My configuration comprised of picking which channels I wanted (freeview) and which I didn't (sky); so it will work with DVB-S (satellite) as noted over in FreeViewMythTvSetup. I called my Video Source "freeview".<br> 
 While we're in mythtv-setup, play with the rest of the settings. Under "4. Input Connections", you can assign your tuner(/s, HVR-2200 has Dual tuners) to the "freeview" video source you just created. Also you can scan for the transmitted channel to populate the channel list with the "EIT channels".<br>