A bootable Live CD similar to Knoppix, but using the FreeBSD operating system.

The official website is

zcat has a mirror of the ISO at

Comes with most of the same stuff as knoppix (firefox, evolution, xchat, gnomemeeting, gimp, mplayer, xmms, xawtv, etc. a few games. No openoffice?)

During startup it asks for keyboard layout, and boots to the root prompt rather than straight into X. 'startx' brings up a fairly nice gnome-based desktop. As yet I've only tried it on one machine, but it did correctly find video and soundcard, network, USB, etc. Also it has a nice SMB browser and I've been told FreeBSD's inbuilt NTFS support is ahead of Linux's.

The desktop menus are all in Italian, but the software itself is still all English.