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 FedoraCore is missing a number of important features that most desktop Linux users are looking for. There are some things that they have decided not to package for political reasons, and some are left out because there exists an alternative which is better accepted. 
 In order to get all this extra software, you can tell your automated package management system, be it [APT|AptForRpm] or [Yum], to use some extra repositories of software that is expressely packaged for your distribution. 
+!!Multimedia installation howto  
+EricRaymond has created a [Fedora multimedia HOWTO|] which covers how to do all of this with the built in up2date tool.  
 !!Use FedoraExtras 
 Fedora Extras, previously known as, is the official place for extra Fedora packages. It's as hard to get a package included in Fedora Extras as it is on the official FC CDs, and the administrators have pissed a lot of people off with statements that effectively say "It's impossible for any other repositories to exist but ours".