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-[FAT12] has the problem that with a 64k cluster size would support (2^12)*65,536 = 268,435 ,456 bytes (256mb). So MicrosoftCorporation introduced [FAT16 ] which used 16 bit values for the [FAT] table. This allowed it to address up to about 4g disks . FAT16 had a few other minor improvements, like expanded information in the boot block about the disk. 
+[FAT16] is the successor to [FAT12] in the line of FileAllocationTable [FileSystem]s , designed for use with the first available [HardDisk ]s. It is uses 16 bit values for the FileAllocationTable entries, and with a DiskCluster size limit of 32Kb, is suitable for media with a capacity of up to 2GB . A few other minor improvements such as more detailed boot block MetaData about the disk were also added .