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-20, student, Wintec, DipICT 5 Programming. Used to be a [PHP ] and [MySQL] Application Developer at [BusinessSystemsDevelopments]. 
+Technical Support Consultant at [SnapperNet ], and backup IT guy for [BusinessSystemsDevelopments]. 
-Currently dual-booting [MacOSX ] 10.5 and [MicrosoftWindows] XP on my iMac, and running [Debian] on my [RimuHosting] [VPS]. Also [living with my grandparents | http ://] due to legal requirements.  
+[Nick ]: ~irogue  
-Run a LAN Gaming event at Wintec called [UrbanLAN | http ://www]
+jid :ed .linklater@gmail .com  
-[Nick] : ~theEd  
+Personal homepage at [|http ://about .me/ linklater]  
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