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 Also note that the process of reconfiguring Vigors from default dhcp on ip involves a few steps. Its best to do it two stages to avoid confusing the modem. First change the ip and port, and turn off dhcp. Then lastly turn on pppoe pass through. 
 Also note that mss clamping is not a pretty thing, and certainly doesnt enhance your throughput. [Some sources|] however claim a mss of 1414 is efficient as it evenly splits the pppoe packet into pppoa's 48 byte frames. Edit: you can go as high as 1452, but this wont allow for any extra tcp headers, or the other odd broken router /server along the road. 1444 gives a 8 byte margin, but does mean your lan clients RWINs are a bit off etc. 
+A more up to date and complete howto is at [webspaces howto|]