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-I am a fulltime SoftwareArtist. I have just finished making a FilmMakingRobot
+DouglasBagnall is a programmer/ SoftwareArtist living in [Wellington]
-In late 2003 I was Digital Artist in Residence at TheUniversityOfWaikato, making a songwriting machine, which is now available for public testing at http://schubert . In 2001 I was sent there for a day to look at GreenStone. These are my only connections to the [Waikato]
+In 2003 he was Digital Artist in Residence at TheUniversityOfWaikato, writing a songwriting machine. In 2004 he made a FilmMakingRobot. During 2005 and 2006 he made a Mimetic Television and a [Cloud Shape Classifier| http://cloudy] .  
+''Debian (sid); emacs or jed; mostly python and C .''  
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