Some notes from the WLUG meeting on Debian and packaging:

To create Debian packages, install:

apt-get install dpkg-dev, file, gcc, g++, libc6-dev, make, patch, perl, dh-make, debhelper, fakeroot, gnupg, lintian.
  • Choose a program
  • Check no-one else is developing it already
  • Debian: must have a license, as free as possible
  • Get the source, make sure the source works
  • Run dh_make -e your@maintainer.address -f ../filename-version.tar.gz in the source dir & pick package type

    • Single binary - creates debian/ directory
  • Make the program install in a subdirectory using Makefile and debian/rules
  • Edit debian/control, changelog, copyright, README.Debian etc
  • dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot

Investigate package with dpkg --info file, dpkg --contents file and lintian file

make sure makefile has a proper install target, syntax of install program install -d $(BIN) $(ICONS) $(DESTDIR)/etc install -m644 file $(BIN) etc

Editing debian files.

Control file - add dependencies etc. copyright file changelog file rules file - makefile.

dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot

You may want to also specify -uc and -us to dpkg-buildpackage to prevent it from attempting to sign the package.

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