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 <?plugin WlugMember?> 
-Currently working at [NSP|] doing network/system admin and design. This has neccesitated a move to [Auckland] however, so I've joined the ranks of ex-pat WLUGgers up here
+Currently working at [Endace|] as a systems engineer. Back in Hamilton!  
+Previously, I was working at [NSP|] in Auckland, doing network/system admin and design. 
 Inaugral WaikatoLinuxUsersGroup President. Stood for two terms before deciding he really needs to finish his MSc at WaikatoUniversity. 
-[Nick]: Cuchulain. (pronounced "Choo Choo Train")
+[Nick]: Cuchulain. 
 Jabber ID: 
-<sneaky> [Daniel on right.. having a playful fistycuff with MattCairns|] </sneaky>  
-Formerly known as ElPresidente - see WlugBananaRepublic.  
-DanielLawson also has a [V] addiction, and when [V] fails him, he moves onto SmallWhitePills. Seeing that Daniel is a ChemistryMajor, accepting unlabeled SmallWhitePills is perhaps hazardous to your health.  
-Always forgets what [RTS] stands for.  
-Currently deciding that GTA:3 on the Xbox is a great way to waste time  
 ReligiousWar Positions: 
 * [Vim] > [Emacs]