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 The second method involves sending a PJL or PS request to the printer, and have it return its page count. This should work for any printer that supports this feature in either PJL or PS, regardless of your connection mechanism (USB, parallel, network). Both of these are nicer than the naive method in that they account for the number of pages actually printed, however they rely on this cups/accounting server being the only machine that directly talks to the printers in question. 
 While a bit confusing at first, PyKota looks like a really good system. Its billing information is currently stored in SQL, so I can easily write scripts to generate custom reports. It also supports LDAP, which I might look into as it will tie in with my authentication system. It doesn't really seem suited for generating weekly usage reports, as it is more focussed as a quota/billing system, however it does keep job histories, so I might investigate using that information to generate periodical usage reports. 
 The author of pykota found this page and corrected me on some mistakes :) -- DanielLawson 
+Perhaps the author should put some comments of some neat stuff you can do on this page? :) -- PerryLorier