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 <tt>@reboot</tt> is particularly interesting, as cron will run such a command at system startup. This allows regular users to start their own daemons such as fetchmail(1) at boot time. 
+!!Command isn't being run properly  
+* cron uses a minimal PATH EnvironmentVariable. Explicitly set the PATH variable if you want anything not in /usr/bin and /bin (+ maybe /usr/local?)  
+* You have a "%" symbol in your command, and cron treats this in a special fashion. From the crontab(5) ManPage:  
+> The entire command portion of the line, up to a newline or % character, will be executed by /bin/sh or by the shell specified in the SHELL variable of the crontab file. Percent-signs (%) in the command, unless escaped with backslash (\), will be changed into newline characters, and all data after the first % will be sent to the command as standard input. There is no way to split a single command line onto multiple lines, ala the shell’s trailing "\".