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 An organisation which created a number of useful licensing alternatives including the one which is used for the WlugWikiLicense. 
-A project is underway to create an Aotearoa/NZ section of the iCommons which will involve 'porting' the Creative Commons licenses into New Zealand legalese, adocating for wider use of the licensing system in Aotearoa and profiling kiwi license users . If you would like to get involved or follow progress please feel free to join the email list:  
-http://lists.ibiblio .org/mailman/listinfo/cc-nz/  
+Te Whāinga Aronui The Council for the Humanities has sponsored the 'porting' of the Creative Commons licenses into New Zealand legalese. Since copyright legislation is different in every country , this is part of a [larger initiative|] for advocating wider use of the licensing system. They have also launched a website, to promote the licenses, and profile Aotearoa users of the licenses
-A placeholder page is now up at
+The site 
+The mailing list: