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 # IMAP_USELOCKS=1 is strongly recommended when shared folders are used. 
 If you don't, you'll find that when the same user connects at the same time, on different frontends, the aforementioned race condition will happen. It's a good way to eat 3M/s between the machine that lost the race and the NFS filer as it sits there looking for a file which the other machine has nuked. 
+!Upgrade error.  
+While upgrading an exsisting setup using source build you may get an error in the sanity check during the make check phase.  
+This may be caused by global shared folders, if you have any.  
+To fix rename your shared-folders file then restart the make check.  
+Do not forget to reset your renamed shared-folderes file.  
+From what I could see it seems that the caputered output from the sanity check will list your shared folders along with the ones created for the sanity tests, this of cause does not match the output expected and hence the make will fail with an error.