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 !Drag and Drop / The Primary Selection 
 This is where you select some data, then drag the data from the old application into it's new location and release the mouse button. This is also like Windows and [MacOS]. 
 However, [X11] has an interesting twist on this. Since dragging data between applications is difficult if one is under the other, or on a different virtual desktop, [X11] also lets you select some data, switch to the new application then paste the primary selection, which is usually bound to the middle mouse button. The primary selection is the most recently selected data. This is not stored in the clipboard, and does __not__ overwrite data that is stored in the copy and paste buffer used above. Users seem to confuse this use with Copy and paste above, where it is a modification on Drag and drop instead. 
+See also CutAndPaste and DragAndDrop.  
+See the "STDIN Forwarding" section in [SSHNotes] for CopyingData between machines using [SSH].