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-A [Compiler] is a program which transforms a program from a higher abstraction level to a lower abstraction level . This differs from a [DeCompiler] which is a program which transforms a program in the opposite direction. A [Compiler ] designed for building other [Compiler]s is called a [CompilerCompiler]
+A [Compiler] is a program to transform source code from one language to another . Commonly, the target language is MachineCode - either that of a "real" silicon [CPU ] or of a VirtualMachine
-[GCC ] is a compiler (more correctly a family of compilers) which transforms [C], [C++ ] and [Fortran ] into object files, libraries or executables
+A [Compiler ] is often refered to by the name of it's executable. Thus on a Solaris platform, the Sun [C] [Compiler] is refered to as [CC ], the [GNU] C Compiler is refered to as [GCC ] and the Sun [Java] compiler as [javac ]. 
-[javac ] is a compiler that transfroms [Java ] SourceCode into class files
+Most [Compiler ]s are usually built using, well, a [CompilerCompiler].  
+See also:  
+* [GCC]  
+* [javac]  
+* [VisualC++]  
+Compare [CompileTime], [DeCompiler ] and SoftwareDevelopmentTools