Meeting Opened at 7pm

Committee members present: Chris (President), Ronnie (Vice President), John (Treasurer), Wayne (Secretary), Rod, Sam, Tom.

Minutes of the prior meeting read.

John didn't talk with Bruce regarding Meteor. IRD and MED dealt with.

Ronnie advised that it should be okay to hold Monday meetings at Waikato University. Location of Saturday workshops still to be determined. Ronnie to check out the University as a possible option.

Wayne advised that Kat's computer is no longer available for the server. Alternatives will need to be investigated.

Newspaper article in the Waikato Times discussed. Regarding the address for meetings quoted in the article, this address refers to the PC Club and not the WLUG.

Tom will contact Bruce to arrange access and storage of library books.

Ronnie to seek confirmation on the server arrangement - medium or long term?

John suggested a Debian release party as the topic for the next meeting on 21st February. Pizzas provided. (out of town on the 28th)

Tom is happy to do a presentation on the lightweight Linux distros Crux and Tinycore Linux.

Virtualisation discussed as a meeting topic for later in the year.

Ronnie will look at conducting a presentation on live coding in November.

Lightening talks discussed as an alternative format (i.e. cover two (or more) topics for 10-15 minutes each in one evening. Have each topic presentation followed by a Q & A session). Committee discussed ideas for advertising club to prospective members via the University. Flyers may not be the most effective means, due to the overabundence of flyer adverts directed at students.

Meeting closed at 9 pm

Feel free to make any corrections or amendments.

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