Meeting at Ian's place, 18 Hinton. 7:30

Present: Bruce, James, Ian, Lindsay, Simon, Rod Apologies: Chris

Meeting opened 7:30

Previous minutes approved; Simon / James

1) Correspondence: none

2) Matters Arising: none

3) Treasurers report:

  Opening balance $1487.70
  Paid $30 to Orcon for domain renewal
  Received $156.62 from Google ads.
  Closing balance $1614.32,  petty cash $72.65

4) Server status: Orcon are changing data center around, at some point we need to move the server. Waiting to hear exactly when from Orcon. Ian will talk with Daniel about what needs to be done. Drives and SSL certificates have still not been sorted out.

5) SFD / Installfest: Simon will sign up to SFD mailing list and organize Library Display. Installfest needs to happen. Someone needs to organize a SFD display, perhaps Chris? Rod and Bruce are both happy to help out, but not confident enough to organize the whole event.

6) Future meetings: Several suggestions which we can look into

  Peter Gutman on DRM
  sTeam collaboration software
  Nokia's Linux PDA
  Sony PS3 Linux
  Peter Harrison on CopyrightLaw? or DRM or Patents

7) Workshops: We have confirmed the use of IT Training's room on June 9th. Bruce and Rod will make it happen.

Meeting closed 8:40