WLUG Committee Meeting
21st September 2006

Meeting opened at 7:40pm.

Present: CraigBox, LindsayDruett, IanMcDonald, PerryLorier, DavidHallett, MatthiasDallmeier

1. Minutes from previous meeting

Moved: LindsayDruett
Seconded: PerryLorier

Motion carried

2. Matters arising


3. Correspondence

We have received a letter from to Companies Office reminding us to submit our financial statements.

4. Treasurers report

Ian is handling submission of 2005 and 2006 financial reports to the IRD and the Companies Office as appropriate.

5. Software Freedom Day rundown

Software Freedom Day was successful and well received by the members of the public who attended. Most of the goals we set out were addressed. We collected e-mail addresses from 35 people on the day but have only had 4 people enter our draw so far. Ian is going to draft an e-mail to send out to those addresses tomorrow.

There have been a number of complaints about the actions of a WLUG member. Lindsay will address the issue with this member.

We had a lot of help on the day from people who were not involved with the planning, and need a way of addressing this on the way.

People were in general happy to receive the software. One lady was on her way to buy a commercial Office package, and is very happy that we "saved her $250". Overall, the helpers were very happy with the response from the audience.

The difference between Free and free wasn't well defined on the display; next time we should pay more attention. We also were unable to have an XGL display; this wasn't a huge concern because the technology to give it to people on a CD isn't quite ready.

6. Security certificates

We will ask Jamie to handle purchasing a second SSL for '', approaching Metanet and weighing the price against online vendors.

7. Hard drive for blade

We have had a drive fail; Ian will contact Buddika to see if we can get a replacement drive from HP. Failing that:

Motion: to authorise the purchase of a replacement hard drive if necessary

Moved: IanMcDonald
Seconded: LindsayDruett

Perry will move the Planet/library web sites to www2 in the interim.

8 Meeting: 25 September

Lightning talks:

  • Ian (Software Freedom Day rundown)
  • Craig (Compiz/Xgl)
  • Bruce (Kia Ora CD)
  • 2 more slots, post out to the list

We have space for at least 3 10-minute slots

Procedure for prize draw

To be done from e-mail addresses entered into Perry's draw page, drawn on the day - you do not have to be at the meeting to win.

9. Meeting: 2 October (AGM)

As the Vice President, David will be chairing the meeting.

Lindsay will write and present a Presidents Report.

Committee nominations for next year

We have nominations for President, Vice President, Treasurer (carried over from 2006) and three general committee members. There have been no nominations for secretary.

Handover procedure

Craig will document as much as possible about the operation of the society for the incoming secretary.

10. Meeting: 23 October meeting

To be investigated further.

Further meetings will be the responsibility of the incoming committee; the committee were reminded that the likely planned date for a christmas BBQ is Sunday 10 December.

11. General business

Meeting closed at 9:10pm.