WLUG Meeting Minutes
19 January 2006

Meeting opened at 7:37pm.

Present: LindsayDruett, CraigBox, IanMcDonald, MatthiasDallmeier
Apologies: PerryLorier, GianPerrone, DavidHallett

1. Minutes from previous meeting

Motion: that the minutes are a true and accurate record of the previous meeting.

Moved: CraigBox
Seconded: MatthiasDallmeier

Motion passed

2. Matters arising

Hoiho has been relocated to the Orcon datacentre, and the WLUG committee would like to thank Craig Whitmore and Orcon for sponsoring its hosting. The WLUG committee needs a documented procedure about how to contact people who can reboot Hoiho if required.

The Christmas BBQ had a disappointing turnout. Follow up posts to the mailing list suggest it should be at a different time, perhaps earlier in the month.

3. Correspondence


4. Treasurers report

CraigMckenna needs to be chased up for a copy of the AGM financial statement. We also need to arrange signing rights for Ian.

Ian will pay for the SSL certificate on his credit card.

5. Google Ads on WLUG wiki

Matt Brown has proposed putting Google ads on the WLUG wiki. He has addressed concerns about violating any hosting agreement with Orcon - they are happy as long as we don't do anything illegal.

The WLUG committee supports adding Google ads, with the following suggestions:

  • have the code last on the page, as sites that hang on a Google lookup often are slow to render
  • ads should be able to be turned off with a cookie/a "Hide ads" link, like the "Hide Sidebar" link

6. Direction for 2006

Fix presentations. We haven't been good at this lately.

Have an installfest. Have it a bit later this time, for more advertising, and to get Ubuntu CDs in time. Run presentations at the installfest to try and get people other than those who just want to install Linux.

7. Meeting presenters

February: Peter Bryant, RimuHosting
March: tentatively AndrewThrift
April: none
May: Roger De Salis from FX Networks

Lindsay to co-ordinate.

8. Fix-it meetings

Still hung up on a meeting venue. We have offered to pay for LitB, but this is unavailble due to remodelling. Ian to email Geoff regarding continuation of our sponsorship, and to ask Jamie to talk to timetabling.

Meeting closed at 8:16pm.


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