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 __WLUG Committee Meeting__<br> 
-__28 July 2005__<br> 
+__29 July 2005__<br> 
 __Meeting Minutes__ 
 Meeting opened at 5.08pm 
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 * create a mailing list 
 * present a broad proposal to other groups and people associated with Linux in New Zealand, suggesting that they join the mailing list 
 * ensure that members from all the other LUGs in the country are involved 
 * assuming there is traction behind the idea, contact other groups such as NZOSS and Linux Australia and ask for their input 
-* formalize a proposal 
+* formalise a proposal 
 We suggest the organisation start small, without incorporating, and suggest the goal that the organisation aims to have its first AGM at in Dunedin early next year. While several members of the WLUG are interested in the formation of this group, we suggest that the WLUG itself should have no formal involvement and all people involved should act individually. 
 We believe that the core of a LUG is meetings, and offering face to face help. WLUG does not have a geographical boundary, and we welcome allcomers to our meetings, but hold them in Hamilton because that is where the core of the membership is. 
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 # Rebrand the "NZLUG view" as a New Zealand Linux Wiki, now 
 The committee decided that the first option may send the wrong signals regarding our intentions, and has therefore decided to offer the alternative view under the tentative name of "New Zealand Linux Wiki", and publicise it to all New Zealand LUGs. 
-!. Matters arising from previous minutes 
+!4 . Matters arising from previous minutes 
 * Craig to thank people who helped with installfest. 
 * Perry to announce Exim4 video availability ( to mailing list. 
 * Patches for WLUG wiki are being assembled for merging in with phpwiki CVS. 
 * The Wiki license migration has gone very well. So far we have only lost one page, which has become a link to external content. 
 * Peter Guttman is busy for the rest of the year and won't be able to present to WLUG. Discussion for possible meeting topics to go to the wlug-committee mailing list. 
-!4 . Correspondence 
+!5 . Correspondence 
 No correspondence this month. 
-!5 . General business 
+!6 . General business 
 No general business this month. 
 Meeting closed at 6:34pm.