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 __WLUG Committee Meeting__%%% 
 __17 November 2004__%%% 
-__Provisional Meeting Minutes__ 
+__Meeting Minutes__ 
 Meeting opened at 7.43pm 
 Present: GreigMcGill, CraigBox, JohnMcPherson, JamieCurtis, PerryLorier, CraigMckenna, GianPerrone%%% 
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 !4. Treasurers report 
 Currently WLUG have $922 + petty cash. 
-!4 . General business 
+!5 . General business 
 * WLUG end of year barbeque - Sat 4 Dec as primary date, Fri 10th as backup. 
 * Exim author may possibly attend [NZNOG] conference if enough funds raised - if so we will look at having a WLUG meeting for him to speak at. 
 * We should look at for other possible speakers.