WLUG Committee Meeting

18 August 2004

Provisional Meeting Minutes

Meeting opened at 7:15pm.

Present: Daniel, Craig B, John, Jamie, Greig, Phil, Perry, Craig M, Matt

1. Minutes from previous meeting

Motion: that the minutes are a true and accurate record of the previous meeting

Moved: Daniel
Seconded: Jamie

Motion passed

2. Follow ups from previous meeting

  • The Computer Science department have agreed to sponsor a room for WLUG meetings. The room is LIT.B (between R Block and ITS), and has toilet facilities but no A/V gear and no hot water. It is currently booked until the end of this year and the incoming committee can decide to continue the booking indefinitely.
  • Reviews of books are still outstanding.
  • Reminder Bot is not functioning - Perry to investigate.
  • Charter needs to be submitted to the Companies Office as a diff - Daniel to do.

3. Treasurer's Report

There has been no change to our financial situation since the previous report.

4. Mailing list AUP

Greig presented his draft mailing list AUP, to which only minor changes were made.

Motion: that the presented AUP for the mailing list be accepted, to be posted to the list once a month

Moved: Matt
Seconded: Craig M

Motion passed

5. AGM

A call for nominations will be placed immediately; nominations should be in the form of a submission to the WlugElections committee page. Nominations require a seconder and will be open until the day of the AGM.

Motion: that we use Single Transferrable Vote for voting at the AGM

Moved: Craig B
Seconded: Craig M

Motion passed

The President and Treasurer need to prepare a report/accounts for the AGM. Members should also be reminded to bring their new years' membership fee.

6. General business

Concern was raised regarding external speakers being unable to fit into our meeting schedule. We would find it hard to get the same room we have booked every Monday for random days, so we will investigate using other locations if we need to have meetings on special days. All meetings should also have a proper introduction and be "chaired", to ensure presenters are given a pleasant experience and questions are left until the end.

NZ Post's Community Post (free postage for community groups) was investigated, it only offers DLE size envelopes; no good for posting CDs. We don't have a specific project that requires postage, so we decided not to pursue this.

Meeting closed at 8:41pm.


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