WLUG Executive Committee Meeting

21 May 2004
Meeting Minutes

Meeting opened at 7:08pm.

Present: Daniel, Craig B, Craig M, John, Matt, Jamie, Greig, Phil, Perry

1. Minutes from previous meeting

The minutes on the Wiki were modified to reflect the correct date, 21 April 2004.

Motion: that the modified minutes are a true and accurate record of the previous meeting

Moved: Craig
Seconded: Greig

Motion passed

2. Treasurer's Report

The treasurer's report was accepted unanimously.

3. Correspondence

WEL Energy Trust have written to inform us that our grant application (#4957) was not accepted.
See also point 7.

Some emails from partner publishers - to be handled by the Librarian.

4. Installfest - Summary

Overall the WLUG Installfest on 8 May was a success - Daniel has provided some notes on the Wiki. The committee intend to hold these on a semi-annual basis, as part of a series of events (eg Computer Science dept. lectures) related to encouraging new users to learn about Linux.

We are currently looking at running lectures in second semester on cvs(1), LaTeX and make(1).

5. Tax Exempt Status

Craig B will fill out the paperwork applying for an IRD number and then apply for tax exempt status.

6. WLUG Business Cards

It has been suggested that we have available cards we can give out with contact details, web page address, etc. Phil has been asked to make a simple design for this, which can either be printed by Craig M or bought in a run of 2000 for $55.

7. 20/20 Communications Trust

The Waikato 20/20 Communications Trust have mailed regarding a joint effort to provide community network facilities in Hamilton. Craig will put them onto Daniel/Matt/John with a view to a meeting.

8. General Business

Clarification needs to be made of the subscription policy, which is "all subscriptions are $20 per annum; pro rata subscriptions are not offered."

Next meeting topic Shay McAuley on Linux at the HCC; falling back to a scripting/programming introduction.

Meeting closed at 8:35pm.