WLUG Executive Committee Meeting

18 February 2004

Meeting Minutes

Meeting opened at 7:45.

Present: Daniel, Craig B, Phil, John, Matt, Jamie, Perry
Apologies: Greig, Craig M

1. Minutes from previous meeting:

Motion: that the minutes are a true and accurate record of the previous meeting

Moved: Matt
Seconded: Jamie

Motion passed

2. Reports from last meeting


Due to time constraints a WLUG flyer was not prepared for NZNOG. The committee do not believe this to be a problem.

2.2 WLUG Library

Bookcases: Phil's first option was unavailable; he is still to investigate.

The library software "works"; John is working with Perry to get it installed on Hoiho. An admin can enter items and check them out, but the software doesn't support users yet.

LDAP on Hoiho was half configured; it was aborted due to a network outage.

John to email the list regarding O'Reilly books.

2.3 Unix Tutorials

Well and truly underway. Good support from the University; the CS department will sponsor cheat sheets/giveaway CDs. Matt to co-ordinate labels for the CDs.

3. Central City Ethernet Project

This has been done before - there is fibre in the CBD for the security camera network, and there has been talk regarding putting data over this cable. WAND has had some involvement and Jamie will find out what Murray knows about this before pursuing investigation with the council.

4. Purchase of a CD Duplicator

It would be nice to have a duplicator available at WLUG meetings. Cost - $200+GST for a single disc duplicator. Daniel to investigate 3-disc duplicator, and check back with LUG.

5. Funding Application

Closes Feb 27th - Greig to do using last application as base, adding CD duplicator to the request. Daniel to help.

6. General Business

Matt has been talking to the public library -- received a response, but no response to second email. To chase up.

WLUG now has a SSL cert, Jamie needs to be paid for this. We need a Bank Account details page on Wiki - including a signup page for values for the fields on membership form (occupation etc) for people who pay by bank deposit.

Next meeting: Topic "Introduction to & Installing Linux"; to be held on University campus (to co-incide with the date being Monday after Unix tutorials.) Walk through a Linux install

Install fest to be held early April. Crawshaw Hall is available, somewhere around Hillcrest might be best - Matt/Jamie will investigate regarding Performing Arts Centre.

Meeting Reminder Bot to be changed to support committee meetings

The WLUG will sponsor the guest speaker's travel costs - to discuss with Gavin Grieve.

Meeting closed at 8:45pm