WLUG Executive Committee Meeting

19 November 2003

Meeting Minutes

Meeting opened at 7:39.

Present: Daniel, Craig B, Craig M, Phil, John, Matt, Jamie, Perry
Apologies: Greig

1. Minutes from previous meeting:

Motion: that the minutes of the previous meeting be amended to note that all the members attended

Moved: Daniel
Seconded: Jamie

Motion passed

Motion: that the minutes are a true and accurate record of the previous meeting

Moved: Daniel
Seconded: Jamie

Motion passed

2. Reports from last meeting

We have been given the UDAI for the domain from Computer Upgrades; Perry will arrange transferring it to Orcon as registrar and then change the contact email addresses. After this, Jamie will register a SSL certificate for

GLUE have not got back in touch with Daniel.

LDAP is installed on Hoiho but not configured, and Mailman is not installed. Perry to address, and then Craig B will enter user information.


John recommends for branding that the WLUG get a logo.


Further discussion was had regarding alternate streams of meetings. We will continue to offer beginner meetings on a case by case basis. More care will go into ensuring topics are arranged a month in advance

Beginners are encouraged to post to the mailing list - in general, we want to encourage members to only criticize if they are prepared to help. More "new users" (non committee members!) are encouraged to start holding presentations, or at least suggestions topics for them.

Unix tutorials at Uni (run 1st half of 2002) to be run again in 1st half of 2004; Matt will organise WLUG to assist in January. The March meeting should be "Installing Linux/Overview" to catch Uni audience.


We received a letter in return from Sky City and will know if our funding application is successful in December. We will consider applying to other trusts at a later date.


Koha 2 was not stable enough and did not have the correct features for the WLUG library.

John has some almost complete library software; will co-ordinate with Perry regarding authentication, and an issueing system is the only other remaining component to be written.

Meeting Reminder Bot

Perry will configure the meeting reminder bot to be more intelligent.

Motion: that if the 4th Monday of the month is a public holiday then the meeting that would occur on that date will be moved to a different date at the discretion of the committee

Moved Craig B
Seconded Jamie

Motion passed

Meeting closed at 20:43


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