WLUG Executive Committee Meeting

22 October 2003

Committee Meeting Minutes

Meeting opened at 7:47.

Present: Daniel, Craig B, Craig M, Greig, Phil, John, Matt, Jamie, Perry

1. Minutes from previous meeting:

Motion: that the minutes are a true and accurate record of the previous meeting

Moved: Craig
Seconded: Perry

Motion passed

2. WLUG Library

The WLUG should look towards donating a copy of RUTE or some recent Linux distributions to the Hamilton Public Library, as they have a lack of books on Linux.

Daniel will chase up GLUE and LJ again.

Motion: that Phil Murray be designated the WLUG librarian and that the location of the library be's offices on 2 Grey St

Moved: Matt
Seconded: Jamie

Motion passed

Motion: that the loan period for library items be 2 weeks, renewable for second period if the item has not been reserved by another user.

Moved: Matt
Seconded: Phil

Motion passed

3. Subprojects and Subcommittee

Perry will look into setting up a LDAP database on Hoiho and authenticating users out of it, and also install Mailman for subcommittee mailing lists.

Motion: that the WLUG committee can set up subcommittees for specific tasks. These must be headed by a committee member, who is the only person from that subcommittee authorised to communicate on behalf of the WLUG. The chair is responsible for inviting members to join and for reporting from the subcommittee back to the main WLUG committee.

Moved: Craig
Seconded: Phil

Motion passed

Current subcommittees:

  • Advocating Linux through the LUG - Matt leading

    • Promoting Linux to new people
    • Publicising the LUG to other groups
  • Meeting Topics/Advertising - Perry leading?

    • Advertising
  • Fundraising - Daniel leading

If you want to set up a specific subcommittee and want WLUG to help you, contact the committee.

If the Linux Server project gets active again, a formal subcommittee can be formed.

JohnMcPherson and CraigMckenna will look at library software for Hoiho, and a subcommittee for this may be formed after a month.

4. Administration

Motion: that WLUG public meetings start at 7pm, instead of 7:30pm, during winter (NZST)

Moved: Craig
Seconded: Phil

Motion passed

The meeting reminder bot should be fixed - Perry will ask Bruce if the bot can be moved to Hoiho and also be set to notify the lists of committee meetings.

5. Funding

CraigMckenna will prepare accounts for our funding requets.

Sky City funding is available; we intend to submit two applications

  • Test rig for development/support/meetings - Jamie will prepare a budget for a test rig setup
  • Software development

Daniel and Craig will coordinate to have these forms completed by 30 October.

6. Signup/payment of subs

Bank account number should be put on the membership form. The number should also be available on a secure page on the new host.

The Wiki admin password should not be in a world readable config file.

There should be aliases on Hoiho for the Treasurer and the President if there are not already.

7. General business

Motion: that we authorize Jamie Curtis to purchase a SSL certificate for at the price of $35US

Moved: Greig
Seconded: Phil

Motion passed

Matt Brown will draft a letter for Computer Upgrades 2000 thanking them for their support and asking if we can have control of the domain to ease administration for things like SSL certificates.

We have been made aware that we are required under the Incorporated Societies Act 1908 to include peoples occupations in our database. Craig will chase these up as membership forms are entered into the database.

John will organise a GPG keysigning at the next meeting.

The changes to the charter from the previous meeting are at WlugCharterNew - members are invited to please read/review.

Meeting closed at 21:38