Some people wrote a virus called CodeRed, that attacked insecure MicrosoftCorporation InternetInformationServer web server. They got all the web serverss they hacked to run a piece of code which was scheduled to cause the web server to start flooding, the InternetProtocol address for the White House ( at a certain time.

As soon as the CERT people pulled the virus to bits, and found out, what did do? Change their IP address to, updated their DNS entry to match, and lo and behold - any machines that spammed had their packets drop into the BitBucket.

What the Code Red writers SHOULD have done was used "", which they couldn't have changed unless they wanted to lose all their visitors.

By the way, don't accidentally confuse with, unless you're over the age of sexual consent. - The Whitehouse in Washington, DC. - an amusing parody site. - another amusing parody site. - a porn site.

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