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-Mail alerts on search matches with "closing soon" auctions on TradeMe 
+Mail alerts and [RSS] items on search matches with "closing soon" auctions on [ TradeMe|]  
 __Backend__ - [Perl], parses trademe pages and extractions auctions, notifies any users that match search criteria. 
-__Frontend__ - [PHP], simple subscription frontend. 
+__Frontend__ - [PHP], simple subscription frontend. [RSS] feature available (thanks for the idea [PerryLorier])  
 __Author__ - [DrewBroadley] 
-Idea: Add an [RSS]/Atom feed instead of an email notification? Lots of people hate to give up their email notifications, but [RSS] feeds are popular, especially with firefoxes automatic support with "Live bookmarks " and are pretty trivial to implement . --PerryLorier  
+!!Sample of Email  
+------------------------- Search results for "kenwood " ----------------------------  
+Kenwood SW-06HT Subwoofer - New ($36 .00)  
+ 5 bid(s) closing in 8 mins  
+ -closing/0124 -0424-0725-/auction-17021375.htm  
+Mail alerts naturally expire in 7 days from activation, to unsubscribe earlier from this mail alert follow this link: