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 Yet another certification like [RHCE] and [MCSE]. See [CiscoSystems]. 
-This one is for installing, configuring, maintaining [Cisco] equipment.  
-I just sat through a 'home network' beginners presentation during which the 'so called engineer' failed to explain why 192.168.x.x was special while other randomly picked addresses were bad, advised against using 10.x.x.x because it 'could cause problems' and couldn't remember the other range although he was aware there was one (172.16../12, from memory). He did manage to mention the a/b/c address classes (depricated for about 5 years) because he mentioned that the 10.x.x.x range was class a (correct) the range he couldn't remember was class b (no) and the 192.168..0 range was class c (no, it's b).  
-And apparently broadband is faster because data can go both directions at the same time while modems only go one way at a time.  
-I'm fairly sure he wasn't a Cisco Certified Network Engineer.  
-Actually the 'engineer' was correct about the classes. The 172.16../12 range is 16 Class Bs (172.16../16 to 172.31../16 ) and the 192.168../16 range is 256 Class Cs (192.168../24 to 192.168.255./24). See ClasslessInterDomainRouting or RFC:1918 for more information .  
--- JonPurvis  
+This one is for installing, configuring, maintaining [Cisco] equipment. It is the next step from the CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate ).