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 $2 at Tommos (North end of Victoria St between Primo Vino and R&R Sport), $1.50 for cans 
 (From G1.02's whiteboard) 
 <?plugin OldStyleTable 
-|^__Drink__|^__Sugar (g)/100ml__|^__Energy kJ/100ml__|^__Caffeine (g)|  
-|Red [V]|>10.8|>193  
-|Sugar free [V]|>|  
-|Just Juice Bubbles (Tropical)|>9.9|>177  
-|Just Juice Bubbles (Tropical Lite)|>4.6|  
-|Orange Spree|>10.8|>188  
-|Lemon Spree|>14.7|  
-|Kerry's OJ|>8.3|  
-|E2 Orange|>9.6|  
-|GForce Apple with Blackcurrent|>10.8|>184  
-|GForce Mango with Pineapple|>11.|>191  
-|GForce Orange with Mandarin|>10.4|>177  
-|Freshup Apple|>10.4|>178  
-|No-Doz (1 Tablet)|>|>|100? 
+|^__Drink__|^__Sugar (g)/100ml__|^__Energy kJ/100ml__|^__Caffeine__ (g)  
+|Lift|>11.9|>? |>?  
+|Red [V]|>10.8|>193|>?  
+|Sugar free [V]|>|>?|>?  
+|Just Juice Bubbles (Tropical)|>9.9|>177|>?  
+|Just Juice Bubbles (Tropical Lite)|>4.6|>?|>?  
+|Orange Spree|>10.8|>188|>?  
+|Lemon Spree|>14.7|>?|>?  
+|Kerry's OJ|>8.3|>?|>?  
+|E2 Orange|>9.6|>?|>?  
+|GForce Apple with Blackcurrent|>10.8|>184|>?  
+|GForce Mango with Pineapple|>11.|>191|>?  
+|GForce Orange with Mandarin|>10.4|>177|>?  
+|Freshup Apple|>10.4|>178|>?  
+|No-Doz (1 Tablet)|>? |>? |> 100?