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 I have contemplated "doing an Aristotle" on the [ISP] category after doing the telcos, however I think that looking at the [ISP] page we might have a bit of a problem. 
-Options include going down the "~CategoryWirelessIsp, ~CategoryAdslIsp, ~CategoryDialupIsp, ~CategoryHistoricalIsp" road, or just not. :) Opinions welcome. 
+Options include going down the "~CategoryWirelessIsp, ~CategoryAdslIsp, ~CategoryDialupIsp, ~CategoryHistoricalIsp" road, or just not. :) Opinions welcome. -CraigBox.  
+I don't think there are really enough ISPs in NZ that we care about.... you'd have like three or four in each category, and some in all of them... however, CategoryIsp and ~CategoryHistoricalIsp could be an idea, as there are plenty of now-defunct ISPs .. -BlairHarrison  
+Not worthwile in my opinion - historical is not needed so much with NewZealandInternetHistory now - IanMcDonald