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 This is a non-formalised grouping of people who identify with (some of) [the Linux kernel |], [the GNU project |], [Open Source software |], and the Canterbury region of New Zealand. The interests of the members are varied but the focus of the group can probably be gleaned from the answer to the question "What is on topic?" in the [CLUG FAQ | CLUG/FAQ]. 
 Despite an active mailing list and a history of regular meetings (generally in Christchurch), CLUG has no formal membership, and operates on a volunteer basis. See [ThereIsNoCLUG | CLUG/ThereIsNoCLUG] for some history and explanation. 
-We also have a MailingList . Send an email to [mailto :linux-users-request@it] with <tt>subscribe linux-users</tt> in the body of the message to subscribe , and with <tt> unsubscribe linux-users</tt> to, uh, unsubscribe. You can post to list using the address [] when you're subscribed
+We also have a Mailing-list . To join go to; [http ://lists linux-users] . To unsubscribe follow the instructions at the bottom of the above page , or click on the unsubscribe link in the header of a list email
 ! CLUG Resources 
 * [Home Page |] 
 * Mailing List Archives : [Ethernal |] and [ |]