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A good OpenSource CD ripper for Windows is CDex.

To make it rip to the Boxy Standard for MP3 naming:


ID3 Tag Version: V1 & V2


  • Filename Format: "%A - %Y - %2\%7 - %1 - %4" (without the quotes)
  • WAV-> MP3: The directory you want the music to end up in
  • Recorded Tracks: As above
  • Split trackame using split character: Yes "/"
  • Playlist Filename: "%A - %Y - %2\%A - %2"
  • Type: M3U yes, PLS no

-> CD-Rom

  • Ripping Method: Paranoia, Full
  • Eject CD: Yes

-> Encoder

  • Encoder: LAME
  • Bitrate min: 128k
  • Bitrate max: 320k
  • Quality: R3Mix Preset
  • On-the-fly encoding: yes
  • Output samplerate: 44100

Other things

Artist: "The Offspring" should be changed to "Offspring, The" etc

Year: Check the year of the album is correct, this is included in the filenames

Various artists: Artist should be set to "Various Artists", each song name should be "Actual Artist / Track Name" and CDex will split these up correctly. Watch this, some people have entered them into CDDB as "Track Name / Artist", you'll have to swap them.

Soundtracks: As for various artists, but set the Artist to "Soundtrack"

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