Getting a Grandstream BudgeTone phone working with Asterisk

Buy a phone from DickSmith Electronics.

Find it's IP address (menu, down, menu) and go to it with a web br

Log in with password 'budgieclub'. Thanks, Hayden!

  • type in SIP server to 'SIP server' box
  • leave outbound proxy blank
  • type your extension number (or whatever your SIP id is) into 'SIP User ID' and 'Authenticate ID'
  • Type your password in 'Authenticate password'
  • Set your name as you see fit
  • remove TFTP upgrade server
  • set NTP server

Click 'update', go back to Advanced settings, and click 'reboot'.

You should probably support Slingshot's iTalk, as they might subsidise the phone. See AsteriskItalkSetup.