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 After a bunch of years in Pukekohe (_ask_ me about the Blue Rinse Set) working as an agrichem IT department, I've come back home in the hopes of being further away from Auckland again (20 km is too close). This first led to 11-odd months of looking after Win32 desktops and Win2K3 servers, which was more than enough, and now I'm working in Python on Linux boxes and having more fun than any other job I've ever held. This is good. 
 And I never ever ever ever ever ever ever want to have to fix another sodding Windows PC ever again. Ever. 
 No really. I mean ever. If i do i may have to go ninja and kill everyone in the room including myself. Thats how serious i am. 
-Oh and my username is sag185 [] 
+(beware, there seem to be two of me in here)  
+ Oh and my username is sag185 [] (it is? sez who?)