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 2007-2008 WaikatoLinuxUsersGroup President. 
-* []: Proper homepage on LindsayDruett's server.  
-* []: DynDNS to home, mostly used when I'm working on websites for people.  
-* [] / []: Kiwiarena gaming servers. Currently running Tremulous and World of Padman, we plan to have servers for Mumble (a Free Teamspeak clone), Open Arena, and bzflag by the end of the year.  
-I also used to maintain the [KiaoraCD|], a collection of [Free] and OpenSource software for Windows which allows a more gentle introduction to FreeSoftware for people who are not quite ready to switch to Linux. The CD hasn't been updated since September 2006 and probable never will, since [TheOpenDisk|] is basically everything I wanted Kiaora to be, but never had the time or the motivation to get done.  
-I'd like to set up FreeGeek or something similar in Hamilton.  
-Just for the record; I was probably the most disorganized Secretary any organization had ever had to endure. Sorry about that! I'll try very hard to be a much better organized President.  
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