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 [Nick]: Trogs 
-<br> [AIM] handle: mrthetrog  
-CraigBox thinks I look a lot like a younger John Deacon from Queen.  
-I have also been told I look like Damon Hill and the guy from Coldplay.  
-I hang out on UnderNet in #coders and #nzadsl.  
-I used to work for [WISE Net|] in Masterton as an all around general [Geek].  
-I now work for [Rackspace UK|] in London.  
-I also have an online [Gallery|] at my [website|].  
-ReligiousWar opinions:''''  
-* [AMD] over [Intel]  
-* [Enlightenment] over [GNOME] over [KDE]  
-* [Exim] over SendMail  
-* joe(1) over [vi|Vim] over [Emacs]  
-I used to have a [Cisco] 12SP+/30VIP IP Phone (about the oldest IP phone on the planet?) on my desk, connected to an [Asterisk] server under my desk. This combination works well (as long as you don't mind the 80kbit/s ulaw codec), so don't let anyone tell you the 12SP+ phones are worthless :)  
-The 12SP+ info I used to have on my website has been lost, sorry. Go buy a SIP phone instead!  
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