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 AddToMe: the following should be a timeline -- is a good reference to take from 
 ''Or [this |] file, included in FreeBSD. -- PhilMurray'' 
+'' alone is proof of BSD being a total and complete win -- BryceUtting''  
 ; %%% [4.3BSD_Net/2] : The first ''almost'' clean release. Was released with 6 missing files so it wouldn't need a AT&T [UNIX] licence. (which didn't help much anyway). 
 ; %%% [386BSD] : Bill Jolitz free BSD which was the foundation for [NetBSD] and [FreeBSD]. 
 ; %%% [BSD/386] : [BSDi]'s first commercial release over which they were sued together with University of Carlifornia by UNIX System Laboratories.