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 !! Installing BackupExec on DebianLinux (10.x) 
 The Remote Agent has been renamed RALUS (for Remote Agent for Linux and UNIX Servers) and an excellent HOWTO on using [RALUS on Debian|] is available. 
-Don't forget to run <tt>update-rc.d VRTSralus.init defaults</tt> to make it start/stop appropritately
+Don't forget to run <tt>update-rc.d VRTSralus.init defaults</tt> to make it start/stop appropriately
 Note, you need to [have a RALUS license on your media server to use RALUS 10|], but you can use v9 for 'free'. 
 !! Installing BackupExec on DebianLinux (9.x) 
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- # Start/ stops the Backup Exec agent.  
+ # Starts and stops the Backup Exec agent 
  # Craig Box, 25/8/03 
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 Make it executable and run <tt>update-rc.d bkupexec defaults 96</tt>, and you're away laughing. 
-!! "The function is not implemented" when viewing your remote agent 
+!! Can't see my agent 
-Check that /etc /hosts has the right details (fqdn, IP address) for the server you are running RALUS on
+Run <tt>< /tt> with <tt>-nd< /tt> to debug and use the guide for [How to read a UNIX Agent debug log |] to find out what’s wrong
+!! "<tt>The function is not implemented</tt>" when viewing your remote agent  
+Check that <tt>/etc/hosts</tt> has the right details ([FQDN], [IP] address) for the server you are running RALUS on.  
+!! "<tt>**** getservbyname(grfs, tcp) failed! ****</tt>"  
+You need an entry in <tt>/etc/services</tt>. As root,  
+echo 'grfs 6101/tcp' >> /etc/services  
+!! Not seeing the agent in the Windows server  
+You need the hostname of the server you are announcing *to* in the <tt>/etc/hosts</tt> file as well.  
+Check the debug log to see you're getting a connection to port 6101 (which translates in Weird VERITAS Binary to 23.213):  
+ <pre>  
+ rcvr addr=  
+ attempting to connect. state=0  
+ </pre>  
+Telnet to that IP on port 6101 and ensure you get a response. If not, check the Agent Browser service on the Windows machine.  
+[More troubleshooting notes |] are available on the VERITAS knowledge base.