Aucklug Meeting Ideas and planning for 2011.

Aucklug is looking for ideas and presenters for the 2011 meetings. We have February sorted, but no others at present.

Please feel free to add to the list below, volunteer to present one of the ideas below.


  • OLPC status update and how the group does bug reporting and testing.
  • Desktop tricks and tips
  • AWS automatic scaling based on load
  • Bash, Zsh and other shell shortcuts and time saving things
  • ISCSI howto, with high availability clusters.
  • how to write a USB driver, or use PyUSB / libusb.
  • how to compile an app from source
  • Ca Cert and SSL encryption how to + Assuring.
  • Firewall tutorial part 2 - See AuckLUGFirewallTutorial
  • Objective comparison of scripting languages (Perl, Python, Lua, Ruby, etc.) When to use what and why.
  • how to build a deb from source, and how to build an rpm.. from dependences and compiling to patching / packaging and contributing to a distribution. (Deb's done)
  • how to make small custom changes to a deb, repackage it and install it.
  • ruby scripting. (Done)

Volunteer presenters:

  • Gareth McMullin? - interfacing to usb devices, PyUSB / libusb. - Tutorial / maybe presentation
  • Glen Ogilvie - building an RPM
  • Glen Ogilvie - desktop tips and tricks.
  • Glen Ogilvie - presentation and assuring (Glen is a Cacert assurer)
  • Glen Ogilvie - Firewall tutorial part 2
  • Robin Paulson and other OLPCers - OLPC status update..

We are also looking for some idea of numbers of people that would like to come to the ideas above.. Glen will try and come up with a nice way of getting people on the mailing list do a virtual show of hands.. as to how is interested in what.

Meeting Organizer for 2011.

Glen Ogilvie is organizing the Aucklug meetings for 2011. If you would like to discuss and idea personally instead of on the mailing list, feel free to contact make contact.

Contact details:


Phone: 021 684 146

Aucklug Meeting so far:


  • Glen Ogilvie - LCA2011 overview
  • Jes Frazer - LCA2011 overview


  • Leslie Viljoen - making small changes to deb files.
  • Leslie Viljoen - ruby scripting.