Auckland LUG in recent discussions have been discussing what's wanted of a new website. This Wiki provides a useful tool to collate feedback.

What the website should do - based on feedback from the mailing list

  • Communicating with Members and the Public re the Next Meeting.
  • Information on past meetings?
  • News Items? With links to more detail?
  • Current Events
  • Pointer to the mailing list(s) obviously

General Website Requirements

  • Must cleanly and presentably present AuckLUG to the world
  • Should be appealing and interesting
  • Current/fresh content
  • Must have webmaster(s) prepared to keep it current and look after it on the long term view.

Feedback on a CMS


  • Web-Editable without requiring shell/ftp access
  • Multiple Contributors


  • Maintenance Overheads - someone needs to own the site and be responsible for it
  • Security aspects of using Dynamic Content
  • Requires server-side extensions - PHP and MySQL

CMS Options

  • Drupal
  • Wordpress

Other Options

  • Take on a 'view' within (much like is a 'view' of and help extend the resource for Linux fans 'at large'
  • Use a flat website with basic information and link to external resources eg / - or others?