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 * To hold regular meetings and work to provide [Linux] related events in the [Auckland] area 
 __AuckLUG Meetings__ 
-Auckland LUG meetings are typically on the first Monday of every month, starting about 7pm. Details of current and previous meetings can be found at http://www  
+Auckland LUG meetings are typically on the first worknight of the month (a change from the first Monday of the month with effect from May 2012) starting about 7pm. Details of the most recent meeting and the next one planned can be found at http://auckland An archive of meeting details can be found at [AuckLUGMeetingInfoArchive].  
 For information about AuckLUG feel free send an email to our mailing list or to come to a meeting. Meetings are free and we always like to see new people turn up and help the community grow.